Subject: A "Robot" and a "Human" Walk Into a Party
Posted on: 2019-10-13 13:48:37 UTC

The "robot" was about the height of your average human male. He seemed to be made out of cardboard with a snack display painted onto his torso. His "human" friend was about 8 feet tall and boxy looking. His suit looked like it was made out of wrapping paper and his round head was frozen in a creepy wide smile, featured a pair of large unblinking eyes and seemed to have the same consistency of paper mache.

"Dressing up as each other was a good idea." The 'robot' said as he surveyed the room, eyes finally resting on the booze table.

"I am very grateful they have accommodated the larger body types here." The "robot's" friend piped up, also eyeing the drink table. Giving each other knowing nod they quickly made their way to the alcoholic beverages. The "robot" got himself a red solo cup of import beer from a small keg and was quickly followed by the "human" who decided to just take the whole keg. Standing with their drinks, they looked out at all manner of strange guests currently present.

Off to the side, near the entrance of the quiet room, stood a bald and rather alien looking woman, nursing a can of beer. Her skin seemed to be a normal shade at a distance but upon closer inspection one could tell it had a slight purple tint to it. She eyed the rest of the party with her smart, yellow eyes.

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