Subject: "Oh, hello."
Posted on: 2019-10-17 20:19:02 UTC

Derik knew the Aviator and Zeb by sight, and it was possible to recognize the one by the other; Zeb's distinctive coloring in human form made up for the Aviator's sunglasses. They had shared the Hunger Games arena a few times in years past, but luckily never crossed paths there. Derik didn't much care for himself under those circumstances, and they'd occasioned some of his heavier bouts of drinking. He seemed to recall seeing the Aviator doing the same.

But that was a few years ago, and they'd both undergone some life-altering changes since then.

He wasn't sure how Thoth might know the other agents, but he supposed he would find out.

He smiled at the little girl's self-possessed antics. Gadrik had taken notice of her high, piping voice, too, and was staring down at her in some fascination. Those pigtails just begged to be grabbed and chewed on.

Derik tightened his hold, wondered if he was going too far, let up a little, felt that was not secure enough, and wasn't sure which fear was confirmed when Gadrik squirmed and grunted in displeasure. "It's not the sass that worries me, it's the mobility," he said. "If this is the easy part, I think my heart might give out when we get to the hard part. Good job you've got two."

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