Subject: A muscle twitched in Thoth's neck
Posted on: 2019-10-16 01:59:17 UTC the sound of his name being called. You wouldn't see it, not unless you looking for it. All other signs had been repressed with his usual care and attention. But the Marine was on edge.

He turned, calming a bit as he consciously recognized the source of a call. "Ah, Derik. I trust you have seen hair before? It usually grows on the head and body of most humanoids—"

Tom caught Thoth with an elbow to the rib. "Oi! No growing a sense of humor on me. It's one of the few areas I can provably best you. Well, that and Smash... but no, everyone brings out the tape measures." He waved a hand lazily. "Insert short rant here. Elric I may be, but my dedication to costume has its limits."

Thoth mostly ignored both the rib and his partner's diatribe. He'd found it was better to do that at times like these. Medical had not looked kindly on him the last time Tom's shoulder had been dislocated. "I am dressed as Conan. I admit I am largely ignorant of the source material, but it was the best I could do on short notice, so I was required to grow out my hair for the part. This also gave me an excuse to practice my biomancy—I must admit I'm slipping in that area. I gather you found yourself in a similar situation, albeit for... different reasons." He cast a glance towards Gall and the extremely fuzzy sausage roll. "That must be young Gadrik, then?"

"You know full well it is," said Tom. "Why do you have to state everything so formally?"

"It's simply the way I speak."

"C'mon, let your hair... erm. Down. Relax! It's Halloween! I get to talk all about the my job and The Laundry without having demons blow up my brain after years of watching what I say! Can't you say one thing without it being incredibly formal?"

"...Pahk mah cahr in hahvard yahd 'cause that's a good idear?" Somehow, Thoth even pronounced the lack of an 'r' with extreme deliberation.

Tom facepalmed. "How did you even know about... nevermind. Just... that's... so much worse." He turned to Gall and Derik. "Anyways, how have you all been getting on? If Thoth knows anything, he isn't saying."

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