Subject: "Do you think anybody is going to get these?"
Posted on: 2019-10-14 20:06:41 UTC

The young man fussed with the baseball cap he was wearing, still not entirely used to the feeling.

"I am not entirely sure, but it's certainly possible," his slightly older partner replied. He seemed much more relaxed, although he was glancing every now and then at the red armband on his left arm with letters S.E.E.S. emblazoned on it, making sure it hadn't fallen off.

"At least my hair is behaving," he said, reaching up and brushing his hand against the side of his head. It was still odd to feel it cut so short, but at least it wasn't regrowing like it normally would. Shaking himself slightly, he looked around the room, managing to avoid being too distracted by the fact that his partner looked remarkably good with blue hair. "Do you see anyone we know?"

"Not at the moment," his partner replied, before frowning slightly. "It is... disconcerting not being able to notice what I usually would."

"Hey, now," the young man said, elbowing his partner and then grinning at him. "I'm dealing with actually worrying about paper cuts, you can take off your glasses for the sake of the costume."

"That is fair," he said, then joined his partner in surveying the crowd. "Let us see if we can find someone."

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