Subject: Derik shared Zeb's wince.
Posted on: 2019-10-17 22:21:51 UTC

"Try telling that to a Monstrous Nightmare," he said. "Fellrazer's gotten Gaddie by the onesie before—not that I'm complaining, exactly, since it kept him from pulling the entire toilet roll off the wall. I swear, we only looked away for one second..." He shook his head. "This is Gadrik—he's seven months old," he added, remembering Elanor's question. "What about you, young lady?"

Gadrik, after a moment's thought, smiled back at her with dimples and reached out with both hands. He'd take the hair or the stuffed dog, whichever came into reach first.

Derik thought he should probably distract his son, but all the requisite baby-care objects were in the pack on his back, completely inaccessible by himself, and he wasn't quite desperate enough to ask Thoth to dig through the nappies and spit rags for him yet.

(( The diaper bag was totally there the whole time, I swear. >.> ))

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