Subject: Edward and Mira walked (slightly reluctantly) into the room.
Posted on: 2019-10-14 12:00:44 UTC

Mira was dressed as a witch. She looked quite like a stereotypical witch anyway, so hadn't had to spend too much time finding a costume: a cheap black dress and the hat Kat had used for her own costume last year. A golden eagle (her "familiar", or so she said) was perched on her shoulder.

Edward couldn't be bothered to find a decent costume, so was simply dressed as himself. "Why are we here?" he muttered. "We're the most anti-social people in HQ - "

"That's hardly accurate," said Mira, "from what I have seen of this place so far. And it could be useful to get to know people. But..."

The eagle squawked.

"Yes, Alma, did you want me to call you?"

The eagle nodded its head.

"She says we should try and be more social," translated Mira, who had cast a temporary translation spell for the party.

"I don't care," snapped Edward. "Shall we... go and sit down?"

"We may as well."

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