Subject: Charlotte beamed.
Posted on: 2019-11-01 00:58:01 UTC

“Thank you!” she said. “Ix worked really hard on them—come on, Fwai, just take the mask off for one minute?”

Ix gave Charlotte a desperate stare.

“Please?” Charlotte wheedled. “Come on, that’s a Bill Weasley costume if I’ve ever seen one, I’m sure he won’t care.”

Ix bit her lip, looking between Charlotte and Owen. She shuddered, but reluctantly pulled her cowl back, revealing the disfiguring claw marks that slashed across the left side of her face, obliterating her eyebrow, leaving her nose crooked, and twisting the corner of her mouth into a permanent grimace. “Lottie seems to think you’ll like this,” she muttered.

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