Subject: Derik turned away before Gadrik quite closed his fingers around the toy.
Posted on: 2019-10-18 02:45:24 UTC

This resulted in Dog dropping to the floor.

"Sorry, don't want him to put it in his mouth," Derik muttered. He'd realized at the last second that that would be the inevitable result of letting Gadrik get a hold on it.

Having found some of his wits again, he also found himself chuckling at the somewhat deserved lecture. He'd only meant to ask Elanor's age, as she'd asked Gaddie's, but shame on him for not being precise with his words—him a Harper! And his costume was lame.

He put on his silkiest appease-the-masters voice, and being who he was, it was pretty good. "Deepest apologies, m'Lord Adam Young, if this humble raiment has offended your presence. I am a mere woodsman—a lumberjack. But I'm okay."

At this point, Gadrik gave up trying to turn himself far enough to bring Elanor and the stuffed dog back into view and started fussing instead. Derik quickly swung back toward them to forestall an outburst, prompting a surprised laugh from Gaddie. Surprised himself, Derik repeated the motion. "Oh, you like that, do you?" Swing away: Gadrik fell quiet. Swing back toward girl and toy: gales of giggles.

Derik grinned at the others with an absurdly disproportionate sense of accomplishment. He felt ridiculous, especially with Thoth looking on, but shards, he would happily sacrifice a little pride for the sake of that laugh.

(( Slight retcon there, sorry. Didn't bank on Ellie actually letting him have her toy! ))

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