Subject: After looking around a moment,
Posted on: 2019-10-31 15:05:29 UTC

Henry realized there was no clear space to be found on any side. He settled for sighting over the crowd's heads and drawing toward the ceiling. He held the string taut a few seconds, just to prove he could.

He was feeling fairly full of himself, but Stephanie's comments deflated his ego. "Oh," he said. He lowered the bow and handed it back with a disgruntled expression. How had he missed the fact that it was a canon weapon? "Well... I haven't actually seen the movies yet," he grumbled. Stupid PG-13 rating. Stupid Mom and her stupid adherence to stupid age limits.

The appearance of Owen's wand proved a highly effective distraction. Henry's eyes went wide. "Is that real?"

(( Poor Henry. It's not his fault I saw "silvery" and made assumptions. Still, doesn't hurt him to be knocked down a peg now. ^_^ As for Derik, I'd say send William down to that thread, and maybe we can revive both of these! ))

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