Subject: "Please," Derik said stiffly.
Posted on: 2019-10-31 20:48:27 UTC

With little patience to spare, he thrust Gadrik into his friend's outsized hands.

Gadrik was momentarily startled into stillness, his eyes and mouth wide, gaping up at Thoth.

"Excuse me," Derik said to the others. "I just need a moment."

He stepped away, and maneuvered his way to a nearby gap in the crowd. With a screen of disinterested people between him and the group, Thoth could probably still mark him, but not the others. That was all he wanted: a veneer of privacy. His inclination was to pace, to raise his physical activity to the level his surging adrenaline demanded, but he mastered the urge and focused on his breathing instead.

(( Practicality before pride indeed. ^_^ ))

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