Subject: "That definitely doesn't sound boring."
Posted on: 2019-10-21 18:04:56 UTC

Owen tugged thoughtfully at the ponytail he'd persuaded his parents to let him grow as he thought it over. "I know my dad said straight that he wouldn't even think about me doing internships until I was about sixteen, so you're already well ahead of the game there. I think a lot of the Action parents are like that, though."

Half-shrugging, Stephanie glanced over at her mother and uncle, who were both happily mingling with the others, secure in the knowledge that this was a reasonably safe space - insofar as anywhere in HQ was. "Well, they've lost partners and friends on missions, so I guess it makes sense," she said with a resigned sigh. "Or back in their homeworlds. I mean, a lot of heroes and people in various canons were about our age when they started getting involved in dangerous stuff..."

She cut herself off before she could point out that Henry was pretty much the same age as Harry Potter had been when he started actively fighting against Voldemort. She certainly didn't want to be facing down megalomaniacs yet, and Mary Sues were pretty much the definition of that, no matter how cool it might be to be out there in the Worlds. Granted she'd been much more enthusiastic about the idea when she was younger, but she was beginning to see the dangers more clearly now.

"Anyway, it's not that bad if you get to live with your parents," Owen added reassuringly. "I reckon it'd be pretty cool to be able to see my mum and dad every day instead of just whenever missions allowed for it."

((Isn't it amazing how life lines up like that? XD I know these two have had issues in the past, but a few horror stories and possibly careful supervised visits to assorted canons have shown them the reality of what they have to deal with; they were shaken up a bit.))

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