Subject: "This was a mistake."
Posted on: 2019-10-14 21:21:32 UTC

"You say that every year, and yet you still come, don't you?" Tom grinned. "I guess it's not so bad."

Thoth grimaced. "The event is tolerable. However, I believe my costume was a tactical error."

"Hey," said Tom, adjusting his cloak. "I said you should go as Alphonse. I even had some extra cardboard after cutting my prosthetics. It could've been a great partner costume!" He gestured at Thoth with his cardboard-covered hand. "For once, this wasn't my fault. Why'd you pick that anyways? Seems unlike you."

Thoth grunted. "No time. This was the best I could get on short notice."

Despite whatever protests Thoth may have to contrary, his costume was a totally acceptable Conan. He'd even managed to get a pretty reasonable sword and belt for it, and the long hair was convincing enough to make people swear it was real (which it was—he'd spent quite a lot of time making that work, but it had at least got him back into practice with biomancy). The effect was only slightly ruined by the metal jacks covering his flesh.

"...You're just uncomfortable showing this much skin in public, aren't you?" Tom said, grinning.


"That really is it, isn't it? Well then. Embarrassed, or paranoid?"

"Not. Another. Word."

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