Subject: "Well, weapons practice is always smart," Owen agreed.
Posted on: 2019-10-22 11:04:57 UTC

"Even if we end up in Infrastructure, there's always the possibility of needing to defend ourselves from stuff getting into HQ."

"Plus it keeps us on the ball," Steph put in. "Keeps people fit. Mum says she'd be a lot slower by now if she didn't practice as often as she does." She might not have been especially convinced by her mother alone, but the backup from her uncle and Owen's family had sufficed to persuade her that Cara knew what she was talking about.

After a few moments, she glanced round to make sure no adults were watching them too closely and unslung her bow with a grin. "It's not got a heavy draw," she said, handing it over, "but there's still enough of a pull that you could do some serious damage if you were using it for real." She was becoming quite a keen archer, and had made a point of learning some of the terminology just to show off. (Then again, she was thirteen, which was usually an age at which a lot of people liked to show off.)

((Yeah, I figured Henry was still just young enough not to grasp the idea of personal risk too well. XD William would be interesting, though, with whoever you like! He's one of my special babies; I actually took him over to Tumblr and RP on there with him now as a regular Potterverse OC. [Remembering my time at the PPC, though, I made a more plausible backstory for him. XD] He'd be quite pleased to talk to another native of his homeworld, but I think he liked Derik too.

As for Owen, he sees it as more of a tribute to a pretty awesome character than anything else, but I can get why other people might not be so impressed. XD)

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