Subject: At this point, Jessie decided to join the dance floor.
Posted on: 2009-04-22 15:08:00 UTC

She didn't feel too great about the idea, having been thinking about the friends she'd lost last year (not to mention the scar running across her back that she'd picked up in the fighting), but maybe she should make an effort.

Shifting into the crowd, she began swaying along in time with the music. As she moved through the dancing people, a few familiar faces appeared, and she smiled. Maybe more people were okay than she'd thought. Backing away from one girl who looked like she'd had a bit too much to drink, Jessie bumped into someone behind her and turned round.

"Sorry - oh. Hi, Big Murphy. Been a while."

[[OOC: I'll detach Cassie from the thread with Zach and send her over to Troy if y'like.]]

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