Subject: "Happens to a lot of us," Luke shrugged.
Posted on: 2009-05-04 21:33:00 UTC

"I've slowed down a bit since I was recruited, though I think part of it's the fact my eyesight's only half as good as it used to be." He grinned. Making jokes about his missing eye had become a coping mechanism for him back when it had happened, and the habit had just stuck.

"As for Reece, I'd say he was a damn good Agent. Took his work seriously, at any rate, and he was pretty fanatical about making sure it was done right. He drove his partner nuts with that. Seth's a lot more squeamish."

Luke gave Osbert a nod and a smile. "You don't need to worry about him, Osbert, he was a good 'un. Went down trying to save Seth's neck, so it's not like he just slipped up, either."

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