Subject: Re: There was a lot of sniffling, but nobody spoke.
Posted on: 2009-04-25 21:39:00 UTC

After the two minutes of silence, Krisp said: "Good thing Banzai wasn't there. He would have died in this. He wouldn't have given up before that. If we ever see him again, we're not telling him about this, or he's going to whine like waaaaaaaaaaaah he wasn't there waaaaaaaaaaaaaah. This idiot just deserves a smack on the head."
"Krisp, you're being too harsh with him. He would have saved may lives, I'm sure. I hope he's happy with the other ships, even as we're not there."
"I hope so, too. Otherwise he's really being an idiot. Who would be unhappy that we don't test our bad jokes on them anymore?"
"Stop that, you dwarf. I prefer Banzai's whinin'."
"Your brother's right, Krisp. Well, I wouldn't mind if both of you stopped calling Banzai whiny. He's not."

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