Subject: "Not impressed," Osbert said, looking up a bit at Luke.
Posted on: 2009-04-21 21:16:00 UTC

"You might want to sit back down, before you do something stupid. Oh, Leto? As I was saying, I'll have a brandy, if you have any."

"Believe I do," Leto said, starting to look through his supply as Osbert returned his attention to the two Agents. He knew Langston somewhat, having met the man on a few occasions and not always on the best of circumstances. Honestly, he half wished he had been the one to train him, but it didn't particularly matter in retrospect. As the glass of brandy was placed on the bar, he sized up the large Agent who had stood up to him, idly taking a sip. He was both taller and a lot more built than Osbert was, but these days that applied to a lot of people, and he wasn't particularly impressed. Big people were just as easy to break as small ones. Still, he had no idea who the person was, though he appeared to be a friend of Langston's.

"Hm, on that note, I don't believe I have any idea who you are," he said to the larger Agent, adjusting his glasses again. "Do not believe we have met before, though you appear to be a friend of that mess sprawled on Leto's bar," he gestured to Marcus, who slurred something unintelligable and gulped at his drink again. "I am not mistaken, am I?"

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