Subject: The Infernal Trio comes by
Posted on: 2009-04-18 19:44:00 UTC

As long as they were many people at one place, Krisprolls was happy. Now, Krisprolls was very happy. He approached the very large crowd near the store. "Hey, people! What are you here for?"
Some guy in the store explained to him they were here to commemorate the first birthday of the Mary Sue Invasion.
"Oh, I heard about that. Wish I was there. So many Sues to kill." Krisp was getting excited at the idea.
"Krisp, why do you always have to be so direct with people, this is just beyond me."
"You're aging too fast, What'. You're turning Vulcan."
"Vulcan? Stop that, or I'll call you Bono in front of everybody here."
"Do that, and you're a very dead man."
"South, is it just me, or you already lost your brains?"
"What brains? None of us has brains, you know that, Whatev. Especially me."
"Krisp..." What' was glaring at him. Yes, he was turning Vulcan.
They spent the next three minutes bantering when the guy in the store interrupted.
"Oh, I see you're this Infernal Trio I keep hearing about. Welcome to the PPC. I'm Leto. This is Jane. And these are the minis. Don't mind the madness here. Well, I guess it matches your own."
"Thanks. Hello, there!"
"We're already famous? Krisp? Care to explain?"
"There ain't nothing to explain, What. Just usual Krisp stuff."
What' was Not Amused. Leto wasn't either.

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