Subject: James allowed the woman to pull him along.
Posted on: 2009-04-22 20:58:00 UTC

Though he hesitated for a second, before long he had also started to dance, trying to make out what music the stereo had changed to as he started moving to the beat. He had never been much of a dancer, but he figured he may as well try. Somehow he managed to move well enough that he didn't accidentally knock anyone out with his bulk, helped by Agents who saw the giant Irishman start to move decided to give his spot on the floor more of a berth, and eventually started to settle into a kind of rhythm, though he still didn't move as well as Jessie seemed to be. He still didn't know where his brother had gone, but he was sure the guy was doing fine on his own, even if it was odd for so many Agents to just be hanging out, no missions going on at the moment and no danger of Sues.

Funny to think this was a battlefield a year ago.

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