Subject: His thin lips twisted in a wry smile.
Posted on: 2009-04-25 01:45:00 UTC

"Oh, I think she'd be astounded to hear I actually seem to have some vestige of respect for the dead."

Crelmos paused, and put his head to one side. "No, silly me," he added, "she'll only accuse me of some twisted ulterior motive or another. In, of course, less than polite terms."

He smirked again, adding, "It's a pity Astatine is gone. I would have quite liked to see what he would have made of my dear current partner... Really, half the things she accuses me of are quite tame by comparison."

The Cardassian stroked the ridge on his chin, looking thoughtful. "And then, of course," he murmured, "there was the Bajoran... How ironic that he survived, only to succumb to a virus."

Crelmos turned his head to gaze at the candle again, his dark eyes shadowed and unreadable. "I would be lying," he said at last, "if I claimed to feel any emotion over the loss. I hope that does not trouble you."

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