Subject: Marcus eyed Luke warily for a moment.
Posted on: 2009-04-20 21:38:00 UTC

"F'r a sec, thought ya were gonna preach a'me like th' other 'un," he said, reaching for the bottle again only to realise that it was now totally empty. Sighing, he set the bottle down again. "'Ey, Leto, c'n I have annuver?" He asked, nodding appreciatively when a new bottle of vodka was, hesitantly, set in front of him. Taking a large gulp, he turned in his seat again to face Luke, gripping the bottle tightly and looking at Luke like he'd lay the big man out if he tried to take it away from him. "Heh...arright. Yeah, 'm arright. A thou' Agents, they ain't arright, but 'm arright, yeah. Arright 'cause they wouldn' lemme at 'em," another sip, then he continued. "Arright, how's ya askin' tha'? Let'm get killed. Jesus, wha' the 'ell'm I doin' 'ere? Couldn' do JACK." Shaking his head, he looked up at his friend when Luke mentioned "the good old days".

"G'd ol' days? Which?"

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