Subject: Taken slightly by surprise at the compliment...
Posted on: 2009-04-22 21:23:00 UTC

Cassie ducked her head slightly for a moment, a rather shy smile spreading across her face. "Um, thanks," she muttered, taking a sizeable swallow of her drink despite her earlier decision to take it slowly.

"I have to agree," she said on looking out at the party and listening to Troy's comment on it. "It's certainly lively, at any rate." Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear and pushing her glasses up again - they seemed to have an annoying tendency to slide down whenever she was trying to relax, she'd noticed - she realised that she was getting a bit less sure of her balance.

"Um... Troy? I think sitting down might be a good idea. Honestly, I stay sober for ages, and then all the drink hits me at once." She felt a bit silly, but he seemed sympathetic enough.

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