Subject: Osbert tried to get Langston to sit down again.
Posted on: 2009-04-25 21:43:00 UTC

The heavily intoxicated Agent resisted at first, meaning Osbert's efforts almost knocked him over, but eventually he seemed to give in, taking his seat and gripping the bar to keep his balance. Langston mumbled something, staring at his hands, but Osbert didn't make it out entirely. The lad was probably still finding excuses to kick himself, he figured.

"Anyway, Celinus," Osbert said, bringing his attention to the larger Agent. "On the subject of your questions, after forty years as an Agent they all kind of blend together. I still remember when there were only four of us, as far as non-Flowers went. Makes-Things, Elizabeth, Anya, and myself," he paused for a moment, shaking his head. "Damn, I'm the only one of those four still alive, far as I can tell. After a while stopped hearing from those two girls, so I dunno. There've been a good number though, just been so long that I don't remember them all."

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