Subject: "Yeah. Hard to think that he's gone."
Posted on: 2009-05-04 18:59:00 UTC

Casting a glance at Langston, he realised the Agent wasn't getting out on his own power. It was pathetic, but he supposed he could understand somewhat. Still, he hated seeing an Agent who was made of such stern stuff reduced to the quivering mass of alcoholism hunched over the bar not too far from himself.

"Heh, we could've used a few flamethrower-crazies during the fighting," he admitted, looking back to Luke. "Even if we would've had to cart 'em away to FicPsych afterward. Still, we won, so I guess Makes-Things and the others can rest in peace, now." Looking around at the party, which still hadn't slowed down any, he appeared to be thinking about something.

"Hm. Not the most solemn way to respect the dead, but isn't this what they would've wanted? I hope it is."

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