Subject: "Yes, he is," said What'
Posted on: 2009-04-26 08:30:00 UTC

"In fact, his name is Cuauhtemoc. No, Krisprolls didn't nickname him this time. Guayas did. Guayas is his brother, by the way. Well, Banzai's one of the fastest ships in the fleet, and one of the most outgoing guys I know. Only Krisprolls and Guayas are worse. Banzai is also very nice with people. Thing is, Krisprolls always has bad ideas to test on him. When I don't have the bad ideas..."
"This guy is too nice. He's so high on playing nice and 'I would die before you could harmed oh so slightly in any way' and stuff like that. He just deserves a smack on the head."

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