Subject: Kelvin just didn't know what to say.
Posted on: 2009-04-25 22:36:00 UTC

This was Nat. She just didn't do this kind of thing. And as for Zach... well, he wasn't going to speculate, but the bespectacled young man hadn't seemed particularly impressed last time he'd been kissed. In the end the Elf just looked away, trying to give the couple a bit of privacy.

Nat wasn't really thinking all that clearly, but she was dimly aware of the fact that Zach was holding her close and seemingly in no hurry to end the kiss. She felt her body beginning to respond to being pressed against him, but eventually realised she needed to breathe, and so reluctantly pulled away.

"S-sorry..." she offered weakly once she'd managed to replenish her oxygen levels, biting her lip a little in embarassment in case she'd upset him, but looking directly at him. Wow, his eyes were blue...

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