Subject: "Fair enough."
Posted on: 2009-04-22 21:11:00 UTC

Taking another drink, Troy downed it a bit less carefully than the last, closing his eyes for a moment before looking back to Cassie. "Just think you should be careful," he said, smiling again. "Wouldn't want someone as pretty as you getting hurt or just ending up passed out on the floor." Looking out at the partying Agents for a moment, Troy finished his glass. He hadn't expected the anniversary of something so horrific to be so festive, but that was the PPC in a nutshell, he supposed, and it wouldn't seem right any other way.

Not wanting the woman to think he was ignoring her, though, he looked back to her after a few seconds. "Heh, sorry about that, just admiring the view. The PPC really is something special."

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