Subject: Deuce shrugged indifferently.
Posted on: 2009-04-19 18:09:00 UTC

"Infernal, Abominable, same blighting thing," he responded. "They're just spelled differently." He shot his partner an insolent grin. "Like 'Adder' and 'annoying'."

Adder raised a fist as though to punch him, and then apparently thought better of it. Instead, she rolled her eyes upward as though seeking patience, exhaled loudly, murmured "buttmunch", and pretended not to listen.

Suddenly she whipped her head around at a small plate on the counter. "Oh, thank Agnost, Bleepolate."

Deuce smiled slightly at the Infernal Trio. "That'll keep her quiet."

Through a mouthful of Bleepolate, Adder could only manage an incoherent snarl at her partner.

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