Subject: "Agents these days are so damn young."
Posted on: 2009-05-04 20:29:00 UTC

"I never got that. A lot of the recruits these days are barely older than the Suethors, sometimes even younger. I still remember when all Agents were adults. Not to hold anything against the younger generation, but I think it should still be like that, sometimes. They're just kids, they shouldn't have to deal with it."

Osbert smirked a little after saying this, bemused. "Maybe that's just the talk of an old man who, were he sane, would be some Agent's grandfather, and not an Agent himself. Reece? Agent Nalan, right? I remember him, he did surprisingly well in my training. Already a pretty good shot when I got to him, could take care of himself well. Actually gave me a tough time for...oh, five seconds, when I tested his hand-to-hand skill. He was too young to die in something like this, though I thought the same when I found out they put him in DAVD of all things."

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