Subject: Perparing the memorial site
Posted on: 2009-04-18 16:57:00 UTC

Welcome to all that wish ot remember our fallen comrades. They would want us to remember them with joy, instead of sorrow. Heres a glass of *beverage of choice* to them. Now, lets party!<br><br>*note* Leto and his wife Jane are open to anyone who want to use them (the owners of the store). Leto is an average modern day human for Canada and Jane is a Dragon from the Rifts universe. Jane can be whatever form she wants to be, she also has a tremendus amount of magical energy.<br><br>The staff of the store are minis from the various contunuii. Head of Staff is Smeagul the mini-balrog. He likes shiny things.<br><br>I will be posting under the name of Milask for the rest of this thread. So whatever you do with Leto and Jane is canon. Their children (the triplets) are off limits. Anything else goes. (Please, dont make Jane want to devorse Leto!!!)

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