Subject: There was a lot of sniffling, but nobody spoke.
Posted on: 2009-04-25 17:45:00 UTC

Luke looked around for a moment, noting the wet eyes around him, then blinked hard as the memories of last year's tragedy rose up. While he'd made it through without sustaining any real injuries, he'd seen plenty of others who hadn't been so lucky. For a moment the memory of finding his partner nearly dead in the aftermath of a battlefield threatened to overwhelm him, and he had to wipe hard at his eye to stop the tears overflowing.

Damn it, Jessie, why'd you do that anyway?

At least she had pulled through. He'd known others who weren't so lucky. Taking a deep breath, the tall man swallowed the lump in his throat and stared at the floor, remembering the friends he'd lost.

Nat, who hadn't known any of the fallen, was nevertheless swept up in the emotional wave sweeping the room. She might have complained about the PPC non-stop since she'd arrived, but nothing brought home just how special it was here as much as the sight of all these other people joined together to remember those they'd lost. Suddenly, the solemn atmosphere dragged up some incredibly painful memories, and despite trying to fight them she broke down, though thankfully without making too much noise.

Next to her, Kelvin had also been touched by the remembrance ceremony of silence. He barely knew anything about the event being comemmorated, but took the opportunity to pay his own respects to the fallen. When Nat suddenly burst into quiet tears, however, he reacted instinctively and gently embraced her, letting her cry on his shoulder even as he tried to repress his own emotions.

Despite having been rather giggly and fairly tipsy, Cassie was quick to sense the changing mood of the room, and sighed sadly as she let the memories of the fighting return. While she'd managed to avoid the most brutal of the fighting, she'd still seen several Agents killed in the Tomb battle, including one man who'd caught a bullet aimed at her. Sniffling a little at that, and somewhat aware of Troy's comforting arm around her waist, she returned the favour and leaned her head on his shoulder, feeling a bit better for the company.

Jessie stopped dancing and turned to face whoever had spoken as the call for silence went out. Having just been beginning to enjoy herself, the switch back to solemnity was a rather unwelcome surprise, but she guessed it couldn't be helped. She glanced around the room, and was mildly surprised to actually spot Luke wiping tears away. Guess he must be more upset than he let on, was all she thought before turning her mind towards the friends - and lover - she'd lost in the fight.

Waking up in Medical, still shocked to find out she'd needed an emergency operation to save her spine, only to then be told that Emma had died in the battle... Jessie blotted the tears away on her sleeve. Don't cry, dammit. Just pay your respects and don't bawl your head off. Em's gone, but she wouldn't want you to cry. You know that.

A young brunette woman hovered near the door, biting her lip as she took in the scene. She'd wanted to help out her fellow Agents during the invasion, but, being a member of the DIA, she had been drafted in to help keep order in the PPC city. She'd seen the injured coming in to rest up, though, and couldn't help but feel somewhat relieved that she hadn't had to face the fight.

Across the room, she spotted a fellow DIA Agent, Basilico Andretti, and nodded silently to him to acknowledge his presence. Then Hollian Tannis joined the rest of the PPCers in paying her respects to the fallen.

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