Subject: She shrugged and smiled slightly.
Posted on: 2009-05-02 02:53:00 UTC

"I know. It's why I don't intend to pry. But you hand me fragments of it now and then. If I appreciate those, why shouldn't I provide time where you needn't glance over your shoulder and censor yourself?"

Her smile became somewhat teasing. "Maybe I'm lulling you into false security about the game. Maybe I'm playing another five games beyond the one you can see. Or maybe I just enjoy seeing you try to work out what I'm doing." Rilwen stretched a little, smiling lazily. "I agree. Let's go." She headed for the door, pace measured. Knowing Crelmos, he'd likely want to get the last word before they left. And it was the generous act of a friend to give it to him, no?

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