Subject: "Suppose so," Osbert said, taking a seat.
Posted on: 2009-05-04 17:26:00 UTC

By now, Langston was singing something to himself, but Osbert really couldn't understand many of the words due to the alcohol muddling the Agent's brain. The tone was recognisable as Eric Bogle's "The Green Fields of France", but not much could be clearly made out. Returning his attention to Celinus, he gave the large Agent a nod.

"I prefer field work myself, it's much more exciting, and my family has always preferred to take care of things personally." Osbert sighed, adjusting his glasses and helmet. "Still, at least this way I'm putting some backbone in these Agents. I'm not letting them out into the missions until they can shoot straight, hit hard, operate a Console without blowing it up, and don't need to run to Bleeproducts every time something goes wrong."

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