Subject: Well, the setting is pretty incidental, all things considered.
Posted on: 2022-06-15 07:03:22 UTC

Though, according to Penny -- the dramaturg, and she never has her notes when I need them -- she chose the Earth Kingdom specifically to highlight the purity double standards under, uh, Confucianism, something something girls had to be virtuous in Chinese culture, and Earth Kingdom is basically Qing Dynasty China... something something A Dream of Red Mansions influencing the set design of Leonato's house. But you really don't need to know the setting inside out to audition! That's what rehearsals are for!

((I think it'll probably also be post-Ozai, pre-Korra, too, so it might be more advanced than what's seen onscreen during Aang's time. But the setting was picked because A:TLA is more familiar to HQ denizens than the average Asian historical drama steeped in Confucianism.

The real reason beyond that is because it would be funny to pit Jacques and LSY against one another as Benedick and Beatrice.))

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