Subject: Ekwy's Agents' Mailbox
Posted on: 2022-06-13 12:41:13 UTC

Agent Blank. Human. A jaded and somewhat cynical Floater who is very skeptical of Sues and even former Sue Agents. Was experimented on during the events of the PPC Musical in '04. Not very social. Married to Autumn (formerly known as Spot) who works in the Department of Intelligence. ((Autumn is social, and may take over answering any questions that Blank doesn't like.))

Agent Moira. Blank's partner. Half Istar, a quarter Elf and quarter human. Sweet but very awkward. Former Sue, was paired with Legolas in the fic she originates from, and is very self-conscious about that fact. Lives with Blank and Autumn for now. The RC is full to capacity, especially since Moira's companion, a crow she named Mellon, was recently turned human. His human self is known as Buddy and has yet to appear very much, but he is also available for questions.

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