Subject: Of course I remember that mission.
Posted on: 2022-06-12 19:33:07 UTC

You’d think the fact I was thrown through a wall by a giant troll would help it stick in my memory. Yes, Paye was the annoying little mortal, correct? Irritating, but my partner is generally worse. As for David, he is of an inferior species of vampire and does not bear mentioning. I was forced through horrible grammar and thrown through a wall, which chipped my nose. How do you think I felt?

Well, Paye’s a luv. David… honestly he reminds me a bit of that Disentangler who works with the blue alien guy. Number? Something like that. But I’d work with them again. Well, other then the total annihilation of my favorite childhood series, it wasn’t bad as far as missions can go. Of course saying that’ll probably mean some glodawful smut gets delivered to us, but whatever.

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