Subject: TheBefuddledBookworm's Agent's Mailbox
Posted on: 2022-06-12 21:53:47 UTC

Rebecca Buch

Human girl from World One. She could be described as a somewhat typical nerdy teenager. She generally has her nose stuck in a book, loves sci-fi and fantasy, and will probably dress up as someone or something from a book if she is given half a chance. She is still probably something of a newbie.

Deirdre Oharan

Rebecca's partner, who is also human. She is from Deneb V, an original sci-fi world. She is somewhat protective of Rebecca, because having your partner die on a mission is a bad idea. Especially if they are a newbie.


Boadicea is unpartnered. She is from Terraria. She fell into HQ from a hole in a cave on her homeworld, and is currently wandering the halls, trying to find out if she even has a partner and a RC. She hasn't found then yet. She is fairly nice, good with weapons, and not the best with people.

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