Subject: Answers from Christianne and Eledhwen:
Posted on: 2022-06-13 03:43:53 UTC

C: Honestly? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

E: How so?

C: Well, Sues still get assassinated, slash spirits still get exorcised, crossovers still get untangled...

E: There has been a noted increase in recruitment and leaving bit characters to re-assimilate, however.

C: Yeah, there's definitely a fair number of bits we could have spared back in the day. Dr McPhee, Mazzie, Thresh...

E: You still remember their names?

C: Might not be Dr McPhee. That museum person from Alexis's mission. Dr McPherson? Dr MacIntyre?

E: We grew weary of Sue Slaying, as it were. It is interesting that the culture in HQ has changed to lessen the amount of that.

C: Oh, yeah. In 2006 it was very "thou shalt not suffer a Suvian and her lackies to live".

E: To be fair, that was not long after the... Falling Down?

C: Crashing Down. Black Cats and Mary Sue Factories. Then the Mary Sue Factories again in 2008, just before I met you.

E: Mm. The gradual culture change in HQ has not been very noticeable, but I am hardly the one to ask about any sort of short-term change.

C: It has been fourteen years, Ellie.

E: What is fourteen years in the lifespan of an elf?

C: ...Yeah, I'm not going to unpack that. We did spend a good portion of the major shift away from assassinating... being away from assassinating, so it's really hard to tell. Thanks for the question, though.

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