Subject: dinosaurs are real!!
Posted on: 2022-06-14 13:35:58 UTC

they are real because there was a dinosaur at the nursery when i was really really young her name was marsha and she was a try-sarah-tops and if she liked you she would give you rides! one time she gave me a ride!! and i nearly fell off but it was fun

Constance --

Roger that on the Dawn Treader. Push comes to shove, Ellie can coax him out.

Understood! We actually don't have that much sugar at our place for much the same reason. Ellie on sugar is a nightmare.

Starberries sound excellent! I look forward to trying some. I don't suppose you guys moved here in time to catch the Lychee Festival in Houaïlou? The fruits come in season in December in this part of the world and are not to be missed!


((Oleander would be very confused by my Hobbit Jurassic World AU, then ;P))

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