Subject: Ofcourse I can!
Posted on: 2022-06-13 09:42:00 UTC

I'll clime out thwindows after clas &nd sneke to your house ockay?

(Oleander, give me that.)

(Awwwwww Moooooom)

Hi Christianne,

Did you know about this? I'm fine for you to pick Ol up today if you had any involvement in this plan; otherwise I'll ask Mrs. Mortimer to keep the windows locked. Dafydd has A Thing at the Musee this evening, so he can run round and collect him after that.

I should probably mention that Ol has apparently decided he wants to be a squirrel when he grows up, so try to keep him away from trees; he'll be up them like a shot otherwise, and Araucaria are a bit spiky for that.


((... who is emailing Christianne out of the perhaps-misguided belief that they have common experience reigning in their Elvish partners.))

((I have a doc on the New Cal schools which establishes Mrs. Mortimer as Oleander's teacher in some way; I have a feeling she might be Lily's character but can't confirm. ~hS))

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