Subject: Some answers
Posted on: 2022-06-13 14:03:26 UTC

Um. Well. Green is my favourite colour, I think? I used to wear green a lot.

I have... pause as she counts, frowns and re-counts Three friends? I don't think Blank counts. Mellon is my friend, and Othoniel is too, and Autumn is... friendly. So three. But I'd like some more! I don't... I don't know how to make friends.

I met the Marquis de Sod when I was recruited. It wasn't a very interesting meeting. It just, you know, looked at me, and decided I was in okay shape to be an agent. But I haven't met any other Flowers, just sort of seen them in passing or heard about them, so I don't think I can have a favourite yet?

Autumn brings me donuts sometimes. I like caramel-y ones, and chocolate ones. And jam ones. They're all really good!

((Aw. That's very cute. =D ))

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