Subject: Answers:
Posted on: 2022-06-13 00:05:20 UTC

K: The what now?

David Null: You know, the comma before and in a list? Personally, I don't give a shpx about it, unless I specifically say to include it on an assignment. That's the one rule I honestly couldn't care less.

K: I still don't get it, sorry.

some explaining, and some cursing from David, later

K: Oh, that? That's not required?

David Null, to self: That's why you were a terrible English teacher for one year. It wasn't just a shpxing rumor to... (to K) Yeah, in some situations.

K: Oh. Interesting. Personally, no opinion, I guess?

((Canon. K literally doesn't know names to certain grammar stuff, while David Null doesn't really care about it. Now, if it was the difference between wracking and racking, oh dear gods.))


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