Subject: silly you can just come w/ me nd mama!
Posted on: 2022-06-13 10:54:21 UTC

we're in the same class remember??

do you liek chimken nunget? mama got some dinosaur shaped ones!

i haf 2 give this 2 mama so she nd your mama can koardinet it

Constance --

I was not aware of it, but we're okay with Oleander coming by today. Ms Mortimer has assigned another Canon Report and the two of them have apparently paired up to work on Star Wars, so they'll be watching A New Hope together. Does Oleander's squirrelly aspirations extend to the Dawn Treader play structure in our courtyard?

Additionally, are there any dietary restrictions we should know about? Ellie got into an argument with someone the other day over whether or not the Eldar are vegetarian...

I'll send Dafydd home with some of Ellie's latest attempt at jalapeno lembas cornbread.


((I think Ms Mortimer's my character but also I did think Oleander and Muriel would be classmates, so we're all good! And I get the feeling Christianne's usually the one who gets reined in by her Elvish partner, so...))

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