Subject: Kittyauthor's Agents Mailbox
Posted on: 2022-06-12 18:59:24 UTC

Your choices are:

Kittyauthor: Mii girl, Floater, aroace. Very kind and a bit naïve.

O'Ryan Keys: Partner of the above, very kind and mathy unless you're a jerk. Knows the most about PPC out of these choices.

Crow Ressa: Sweet demi-girl who doesn't know human mannerisms and is still new to the PPC.

Paye: Anime girl who loves horrifying things because her home canon only had soft things. Tends to take things literally. Is nice.

David Null: Grumpy, English teacher agent. Will correct your typos. Curses a lot (will be roted). Is a vampire, but don't bring that up because he'll hate you. Has a love of the English language, so naturally hates bad SPaG. Athiest, though he still says God in his statements.

K: Very close to the opposite of Null. Is kind (as long as you don't do anything he hates), hates cursing, has a love for teaching because he likes others to learn, not necessarily be perfect. Is a vampire.

Mattew: Badfic bit who was supposedly a horror writer. He doesn't like his home canon a lot.

I hope this is good. I'll declare certain answer as canon or noncanon, depending on the question.

-kA, who now has to pay attention to a certain squeaking bird

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