Subject: Lily Winterwood's Agents' Mailbox
Posted on: 2022-06-12 23:36:45 UTC

A quick roster of who's available:

  • Christianne and Eledhwen are a married set of ex-Assassins. They live in New Cal with their daughter Muriel and ward John. There's also a third kid by HST 2022, but for spoiler reasons I won't put them in this game.
  • The Disentangler, a Time Lord. Her partner, the Agent, is unavailable and she would prefer not to talk about why.
  • Liu Siyuan is a Bad Slasher. He is stranded in HQ and has made the best of it, and currently lives in New Cal.
  • Lori Starrett and Bill Fallis, two DAS-SWEAR scientists studying Glitter and de-Glitterification as a substitute for assassinations. They are colleagues with Multiversal physicist Dr Horatio Graves.
  • Nurse Carleton Hearth, perpetually tired Medical nurse. He's on shift, so he may not be consistent in his responses. He has a cousin, Melody Hearth-Graves, one of the ex-Floaters who got trapped in the Mirror Multiverse for several years before getting rescued in HST 2012. She currently works in MRD.
  • Arboretum worker Hannah Rothberg. Formerly a Floater who got trapped in the Mirror Multiverse, Hannah now spends her days in the Arboretum preferring the company of trees to people.
  • DoSAT technician Neo Webber, who is always interested in meeting new people!

Answers are canon unless indicated otherwise.

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