Subject: First off, thank you for your questions!
Posted on: 2022-06-13 02:48:18 UTC

  • All three of the Sansenke are interesting in their own ways, with each of them aiming for something different. Personally, I'm intrigued by Omotesenke and its difference from the school I'm studying; being the "main house", it aims to utmost preserve tradition in its purest form. I do not think I can ever study the other two schools; I find myself unable to make tea without bubbles.
  • All seasons are beautiful, but autumn carries a special appeal for me. I like most things associated with autumn: tsukimi, chestnuts, red leaves. I'm especially drawn to red leaves; I have always wanted to see red leaf season in Kyoto, though.
  • I was president of tea ceremony club through middle/junior high and high school. Back in high school, I was considered one of the four most popular club presidents in the school. It was a quite memorable experience.
  • I don't actually have any special secrets; I simply follow the skincare routines my mother taught me. Perhaps the secret is that I drink too much milk? (laugh)
  • It's interesting that a great many aspects of Japanese culture was derived from China; the language, the religions, the clothes. In fact, I briefly considered studying Chinese once.

Once again, thank you for the questions!

((After doing some calculations based on the fact our botchan was conceived on tsukimi, it turns out that his birthday is June 21. Well, happy early birthday to moonboy, I guess?))

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