Subject: Answer
Posted on: 2022-06-14 16:02:40 UTC

My opinion on Twipires? I don't think I have one, honestly... They are what they are. They're part of their established canon, where they make sense in context. Not sure they count as Sues, really, not in their own universe. If one of the major characteristics of a Sue is that they are better than everyone else, but there are a bunch of characters in the universe that have the same kind of power level, is any of them really a Sue? I honestly don't know. I just don't think about sparklepires enough to have the energy to hate them, I guess. There are enough uncanon Sues to worry about.

Removing any of them from their context, I guess you end up with someone really annoying, though. And tough to kill. Not that, uh, I support killing your partner. That's not... what I'm suggesting.

Uh... This might not be the answer you wanted, actually. Sorry, I guess.

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