Subject: Thank you for more questions. Liu-san, thank you for your question as well,
Posted on: 2022-06-13 14:54:48 UTC

  • I am most partial to autumn chestnut flavour, but I tried Shinshū apple flavour once, which I highly recommend.
  • As I am from Hokkaido, I would say Seicomart. There is one close to my house as well.
  • I have never tried it. I would like to some time.
  • 山桜霞の間よりほのかにも見てし人こそ恋しかりけれ (Kokin Wakashū poem 479, Ki no Tsurayuki). I like Ki no Tsurayuki's style in general, and I admire the fact he penned the oldest work of diary literature and had a great impact on Heian period women's literature despite being a man.

((Poem translation: Like catching a glimpse of mountain cherry blossoms amidst fog, I am in love with the one I have caught a fleeting sight of))

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