Subject: ((Is it a wooden comb?))
Posted on: 2022-06-14 05:14:43 UTC

((The best Japanese combs seem to be boxwood. Not sure about lacquering, but wooden combs should be fine. The point of a horn or wooden comb is to reduce static and lessen hair damage when using it, and to massage the scalp and redistribute the hair's natural oils!

Also, incidentally, Kaguya's from Hokkaido but he seems to be quite a fan of the culture around Kyoto. I wonder if he has any thoughts about his local culture in Hokkaido, though, especially since a lot of people elsewhere in Japan have this vision of Hokkaido as a sort of dairy and farmland paradise (so many dairy products here are ~from Hokkaido~ with the connotation of it being richer and creamier), as well as a point of historical contention between the Japanese and the indigenous people like the Ainu (in Kagoshima there's a museum with the Most Problematic wording about the colonisation of Hokkaido!). Not sure how to phrase it in a way that wouldn't offend him IC :P))

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