Subject: Kumori glared.
Posted on: 2008-12-25 14:21:00 UTC

"She couldn't have been worse than the Sue we just finished up dealing with. X/1999 'fic with the Sue after Kamui. She used the sister-as-a-plot-device three seperate times and beat up Fuuma without breaking a sweat. One of the sisters wasn't so bad though, nothing too 'Sueish by CLAMP standards and just a plot device really, so we rescued her but..." Kumori made a complicated hand guesture above her head, possibly meant to show how annoyed she was by the mission or maybe how annoying the rescued character was. "Morbid little kid, lemme tell ya. But it's over now, at least."


Georgia had a tenative sip of her rhum. "Aye, mate. Gotcha."

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